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Rita Clagett

Holly, I am enchanted with your blog! This piece in particular. I feel much the same as you about using every bit of food productively. Once I started composting 30 years ago, I no longer had to feel bad about not eating everything or feeding leftovers to my dogs. Squash peels, cabbage cores, and tough stems I put out for the does; a single pea left on a plate goes into the compost, not the down the drain; and I'm grateful that among my neighbors no one is looked askance at for requesting the carcass of a cooked bird with which to make stock, or even the fat and meat scraps, or other leftovers on everyone's plates to take home to the dogs, pigs, or chickens. Like you I'd have been horrified to witness such reckless waste as you describe. And on those rare occasions when I've eaten at a home that doesn't compost, I've occasionally asked to take home kitchen prep scraps for my soil-making bins. What a wonderful mind you have!

Holly Phaneuf Erskine

Hi Rita,
Your kind words warmed my heart so much!
You have a beautiful blog too--and a book I see. I had to look!
It must help to have dogs, pigs and chickens, too.
Every morning I go outside and make an offering. I say, "This is for the greatest good of all." And then, because experience has taught me that truth is often more complex and more beautiful than my preconceptions, I always add, "which I can not picture." Oh, but I would like to! I long to picture where every molecule goes. We can only imagine.
Thank you so much for the lovely connection.

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