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Holly Phaneuf Erskine

I'm reposting the thoughtful comments that I received on this post, as I migrate to a new site, as I didn't want them to be lost:

Katie said:
Hi, I'm a high schooler who has a very difficult time with sound-color synesthesia. I have never told anyone - by now, if I did, I don't think they would believe me. I mean, I have only casually mentioned it when I was little (around five or six - 11 years ago) and have never mentioned it since (I picked up the hint that something was not quite right when I asked my mom if the glasses I was getting would make the colors go away. She looked at me with absolute confusion and asked if something was wrong with my eyes). I stumbled across "A Mango Shaped Space" in sixth grade and just knew that I was like that. I love my synesthesia, but it often makes life difficult - school especially. I often spend time alone in my room or in the library. How can I manage it better? Is there a way to may the over stimulation of my senses less harsh?

Katie said:
Hi, I'm a sophomore in highschool and have sound-color synesthesia. I have never told anyone, and until 3 years ago, never knew that not everyone hears a fire alarm and sees green splotches. I just never mentioned it because it is an integral part of how I experience the world. However, in school I find it extremely hard to concentrate due to the level of noise (I perceive all shapes and colors outside of my mind; that is, I see them clearly in front of me). This sometimes goes as far as to obstruct my vision and often distracts me. How can I deal with this successfully? I know that it would never go away (and I wouldn't want it to) but is there a way to manage it?

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