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Hi Deborah!
Thank you for contributing to what seems to me an all too scanty database of this fascinating phenomenon. You are lucky not to have the chronic earworms, though I am learning how to better manage them by substituting my own "dream music" in its place, which instantly makes me feel better. I so often wonder how much of human suffering is simply caused by the "wrong music" looping subconsciously in people's brains, affecting their moods. Clearly this is an area wide open for research.

I just read your article on dream music, the ability to spontaneously compose music in the mind. You were describing me. Every waking minute my mind is composing new music. Fortunatly, most of it I enjoy. Unlike you, I don't experience earworms. Everything is spontaneously composed.

If I don't want to hear the music I listen to actual music to tune it out. Reading also quiets the noise. If I don't care for a tune I can compose something else instantaneously.

I've had this as long as I can remember. As you mentioned I thought everyone experienced this. But the reality is that I've never known anyone else with this condition.

I studied music as a child,played the trumpet in the school band for 6 years, but beyond that I have no formal music training.

Thanks for your artical. It's good to know that I'm not the only person blesses, or cursed with this.

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