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that was a really helpful overview and explained a lot



Thanks for putting that together! It was very clear and helped a lot!


That was great! Best explanation of acid/base relationship I've come across. Thank you!




Thank you!!


WOW! very useful! and easy to read! as a yale student taking chemistry right now... i really appreciated this!


great!!! loved it! i was worried about acid and base but this cleared everything up!


Hey I really appreciate this very accessible explanation of things. I find that my biggest struggle in math and science is just understanding what all the notation means. So to have a verbal, descriptive, in-plain-American-English explanation of things is so totally helpful. Thanks very much.


typo on strong acids it's ClO4 not ClO.right?

Acid Solvent for Inorganic clogs

So it can be really confusing to hear the pka of a base! They are really talking about the pKa of the conjugate acid of the base.


Wow! This is incredibly helpful. I was almost always confused when we talked about acids and bases, but this clears up most of my confusion. Thanks!


Finally an explanation of acids and bases without all the jargon! Thank you so much!

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