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Mary Schreiner

Love this scene. I'm lucky. I've had the opportunity to beta read even more of this gem. Thanks for sharing Holly. Sci Fi/Solar Punk is not normally my genre but your book will entice me to read more. Can't wait for additional snippets. Additional bonus: It's set in Door County.


Penny whistle, wavelengths, calcium. Somehow I think we're going to see a relationship. Fun snippet, Holly.

Holly Phaneuf Erskine

Thank you John! You are such a loyal fan and your keeping up with my story means so much to me.
With your astronomy background I'm hoping you like the spectroscopy reference. Once upon a time long ago I made molecules sing--well, no, actually just their protons--with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy as part of my work. Years later, I'm still enthralled with the idea that you can sing a particle's vibrations and make it respond. It's really deep when you think about it.

Holly Phaneuf Erskine

Mary, thank you for your kind comments. Your feedback in our group has made important positive changes in the story and I'm truly grateful.

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