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James G

How do I get this book? Is this just the first third of the movie? I saw one of the shows at the sky way drive in I loved it and my family has the dvd and watched it many times

Rich Geiger

Did you ever get distribution for your movie? I'm working on my own movie and curious. How did you handle permissions and licensing?

Holly Phaneuf Erskine

Hi James,
Thank you for your kind comments about our movie, which was a 5-year labor of love!
The book, or books (I've divided one big one into three which are all written) have yet to be published. I've just started to query agents. It's been really helpful for me to get feedback from a wide range of readers, so if you like, I can send you a draft copy. I'll followup with an email.

Holly Phaneuf Erskine

Hi Rich, (I'm reposting this from the Emissary Movie thread as I see you posted there too now)
I am so sorry your first posts didn't go through. I see Typepad was for whatever reason labeling them as spam and they are obviously not that!
We are currently just self-distributing our movie. We want to be really careful about distribution but would love to follow up on that. We have a lot of other creative projects going on that are hijacking our attention (my co-creator Tim is, after 70 patents, is now trying to reinvent an internet that doesn't hurt people, which makes creating a movie seem relatively easy). Maybe if my book is published we will work to revisit distribution.
I see you also asked (in another post) about licensing. We are passionate about protecting creative content.
We hired a nice entertainment lawyer in Chicago to help ensure we did all the right things. This meant that every place we filmed, every person we filmed, we got permissions and releases signed. All music was either created by my husband (we built a 5-channel surround sound recording studio during production and don't ask how much THAT slowed us down) or we paid for mechanical and recording rights. Every logo and label (Forehead slap at how we filmed in a grocery store and book store and library) that was obvious, we got permission (people generally LOVE to give permission to have their work seen, btw!) or we spent weeks frame by frame blurring the logo when we could not find who to get permission from (thank you very little all the weeks we spent blurring the tiny logo of The Insult Dog on Pat Palmer's hat...)
Anyway, I am glad we sweated over those details. It's necessary for distribution, we told ourselves. And it respects the life work of others.
Best wishes for your own creative endeavor and thanks for reaching out!

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