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R Stephens

Look at the puns in Piers Anthony series. Hysterical

Holly Phaneuf Erskine

This is amazing. You are the third person who, in response to my post, mentions Anthony and other classic comic fantasy writers like Terry Pratchett. I would thrill to be able to hold a candle to their writing.

And yet here is a thing. Puns are briefly funny. But the time span of their funniness is brief in my head. I look at the pun and say, wait. Be more funny. Is this just me?

I just can't have a pun in my title. It is a visceral reaction. I think I don't want to hurt anyone.


I think the titles are good, except I would reformat to remove the words, “The emissary” in the phrase and just have the second part .
For example,
The Emissary:Peril and cheese curds (
Book 1)

On the title page and cover, it would look like:
Peril and Cheese Curds

Holly Phaneuf Erskine

Thanks for your feedback, Terrie! So, you would have me remove the "and the" and replace with a colon. It gives a different feel. Perhaps a bit more clinical with the colon.

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